Resuscitation Kit & Accessories


RSK 1001 Infant Resuscitation Kit 

Consist of

Infant Silicone manual resusticator(250ml), Silicone face mask(250ml), Silicone Airways, Foot Suction, Laryngoscope and Kit bag. 

Infant Resuscitator 250ml
  • Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
  • Non rebreathing valve
  • Pressure release valve
  • 250ml silicone bellow
  • 360 Degrees swivelling patient connector
  • Corrugated PVC open oxygen reservoir
  • 1.5 metre Oxygen tubing

Silicone Face Mask 

  • Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
  • Size 00 and size 01

Silicone Airways 

  • Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
  • ARW 1001(set small) sizes 000, 00, and 0

Silicone, autoclavable & reusable in sizes 000, 00 & 0.

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